Water & Wastewater, P3’s, Project Finance & Management 2019


South Africa’s prolonged drought conditions and arid environment are increasingly highlighting the country’s existing water infrastructure vulnerabilities and demand that alternative and nonconventional sources of water beyond the traditional surface and groundwater resources be explored. Now that some parts of the country have embarked on desalination projects and other water sources programs it is imperative to manage these projects well to ensure sustainability.

As an emerging economy, South Africa desperately needs infrastructure development to enable effective delivery of social services and sustainable economic growth. These large-scale capital projects are far too big for a single financial services entity to carry on its balance sheet alone. As such, the collaboration imperative extends beyond a government department and a single bank “teaming up”; it requires willingness for all the participants in the country’s financial services sector to work together. Public Private Partnerships are to be effective in catalysing infrastructure growth, is a commitment to innovation.

This Symposium seeks to address project management from development through financing and the execution of such projects. It will delve on desalination and water projects and their financing in a nutshell. The Symposium will also look into the funding challenges faced by rural communities and their unique critical infrastructure needs.

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